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Maxime Rocafort




Maxime Rocafort is an attorney experienced in civil, criminal, and commercial litigation. He advises, assists, and represents Swiss and international private and corporate clients, working in French, Spanish and English, in relation to their everyday affairs, negotiations, and disputes before the judicial and arbitration authorities. Alongside his typical work, he holds company directorships and acts as a liquidator as well. He is a member of both the Vaud Bar Association and the Swiss Bar Association.

Before becoming a partner in Mercuris Avocats in 2021, Maxime Rocafort founded the general practice firm MR Avocats Associés in Lausanne in 2014, and afterwards in Geneva in 2015 with Stéphane Voisard, becoming VR Avocats Associés in 2017. Prior to the aforementioned, he obtained his license to practise as an attorney in Geneva following a two-year training period at the Étude Python (formerly Python & Peter), during which he earned recognition through his achievements, being awarded the first prize in the Michel Nançoz public-speaking competition, arranged by the Criminal Law Commission, and later represented Switzerland at the Prix Paris-Montréal de la francophonie.

From an academic perspective, Maxime Rocafort holds a Master’s in Law from the University of Lausanne and a postgraduate degree from the European Academy of Legal Theory in Brussels (now located in Frankfurt am Main). Subsequently, he dedicated two years as an assistant to Prof. Denis Tappy in the academic frames of History of Law, Judicial Organization and Procedures, and conducted practical sessions on Introduction to Law under the supervision of Prof. Alain Papaux. Since 2019, Maxime Rocafort imparts a class on civil procedure at the Haute École Arc de Neuchâtel.