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Denis H. Chahidi

Denis H. Chahidi

Swiss certified tax expert

Holder of the diploma of certified tax expert, Denis H. Chahidi carried on his activities within small like big structures, of which an experience of almost 7 years by a Big Four of the place, where he occupied the position of Tax Manager.

Involved in the law firm since more than a decade, Denis H. Chahidi handles mandates in French and in English, namely in the fields of the taxation of individuals and enterprises.

His specialization is the taxation of individuals, in particular:

  • Advices to senior managers of multinationals (expatriated) in Switzerland in matter of Swiss and international tax
  • Advices to Human Resources of medium and large sized companies in matter of tax and social security
  • Tax residences and domiciles in international and intercantonal context
  • Executives’ and employees’ participation plans (shares, options, RSUs, etc)
  • Estate and gifts taxes, including transfer of business, marital regime
  • Retirement and early-retirement planning
  • Not punishable spontaneous announcements
  • International and national exchange of tax information
  • Tax and social security for employers and enterprises, including for the independent lucrative activity
  • Restructurings
  • Planning in matter of private and commercial wealth, valuation of non-quoted shares
  • Pension and social security schemes in Swiss and international contexts
  • Trusts and foundations, planning, taxation of settlors and beneficiaries residing in Switzerland
  • Lump-sum taxation («forfait taxation», «imposition d’après la dépense», «Besteuerung nach dem Aufwand»)