We are experienced, trusted and committed partners

A Swiss boutique law and tax firm, for local and international clients

The Mercuris Avocats Swiss boutique law and tax firm is based in Lausanne, Switzerland. We advise and support local, national and international clients, made up of companies from numerous sectors, organizations and individuals.

Our clients include many multinational companies, large and small. Thanks to a trusted and reliable network of partners over several decades, we are also able to act internationally with great efficiency. Our entire team works in both French and English.

Lawyers and experts united in a single team

Mercuris Avocats is a Swiss boutique law firm with operational expertise, comprising of corporate and tax lawyers as well as tax and economic experts. Like large international entities, we offer under one roof legal, tax, accounting and management services.

Our team is composed of about 15 collaborators. Each client has a direct and personal relationship with a lawyer or expert, but always under the responsibility of an attorney at law.


The name of the boutique law and tax firm refers to Mercury, the planet closest to the sun, as well as the fastest and the smallest in the solar system. Mercury is also the Roman God of commerce.

Close to our clients, we offer expert and global business skills within an efficient and responsive structure, with a trusted and dedicated team.